Marijuana Prevention Communication Campaign

IMPACT has partnered with Oak Park River Forest High School (OPRFHS) to establish the marijuana prevention communication campaign.

The campaign, entitled Real Facts Real Choices, will feature posters and newsletters distributed regularly throughout the school every six weeks. Each poster and newsletter will highlight the message, “Marijuana Use Is Risky,” and include facts about marijuana’s effect on a teen’s attention, learning and problem-solving skills, memory, mental health, and more.

This campaign will also help counteract the negative impact of marijuana by promoting healthy behaviors and working to change community norms.

Click here to read the first edition of "Raising Healthy Teens", the newsletter from OPRFHS. In this edition, learn how to talk to your kids about marijuana use at home, facts about marijuana use, and prevention tips.

District 97, Middle schools
Strengthening families program (SFP)

The Strengthening Families Program: For Parents and Youth (SFP 7-17) is a family skills training intervention designed to enhance school success and reduce youth substance use and aggression among 7- to 17-year-olds. It is theoretically based on several etiological and intervention models including the biopsychosocial vulnerability, resiliency, and family process models.

This new universal version of SFP has lessons for parents, children, teens, and a family practice session. It teaches the same research-proven skills as the original SFP, with added material on mindfulness, the impact of alcohol and drugs on the developing teen brain and the parenting skills needed to prevent it.

Community Mental Health Board of Oak Park Township (CMHB), Presence, Impact, and Julian Middle School (D97) will offer a 11 -week program with the entire family.  Meal is provided. Childcare and transportation is available, if needed.  Free to families that reside in Oak Park.

To Register for Strengthening Families Program in Oak Park, contact: (708) 410-0615. Funding provided by CMHB.

District 200, high school
Project towards no drug abuse

Project TND is an effective drug abuse prevention program that targets high school-age youth. The curriculum is designed to help students develop self-control and communication skills, acquire resources that help them resist drug use, improve decision-making strategies, and develop the motivation to not use drugs.  It was developed by Steve Sussman, Ph.D. and staff at the Institute for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Research, in the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California.

To Learn more about Project Towards No Drug Abuse in Oak Park River Forest, contact Ginger Colamussi,

district 200, high school
step forward

Three sessions for students interested in reducing or stopping their substance use (For student referrals or suspension reentry). Focuses on risks of substance use, triggers and cravings,goal-setting, and drug resistance skills.

To Learn more about Step Forward at Oak Park and River Forest high school, contact Ginger Colamussi,

district 90, middle schools
parent Cafés

Parent Cafés are a series of guided conversations based on the Strengthening Families™ Protective Factors Framework leadership development and parent partnership. These conversations are hosted by parent leaders who use techniques to increase community wisdom, build parent voice and facilitate action to improve lives for children.

To Learn More about Parent Cafés contact Impact Board of Directors - Stacey Williams or Maureen Spielman at

district 90, middle schools
too good for drugs

Too Good for Drugs is a school-based prevention program for kindergarten through 12th grade that builds on student’s resiliency by teaching them how to be socially competent and autonomous problem solvers. The program is designed to benefit everyone in the school by providing needed education social and emotional competencies and by reducing risk factors and building protective factors that affect students in these age groups. TGFD focuses on developing personal and interpersonal skills to resist peer pressures, goalsetting, decision-making, bonding with others, having respect for self and others, managing emotions, effective communication, and social interactions. The program also provides information about the negative consequences of drug use and benefits of a nonviolent, drugfree lifestyle.

To Learn More about Too Good for Drugs contact Officer or IMPACT at  Program is offered in River Forest.

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